Senior Golfer Status

Seniors:  60-Over

Dress Code

All players must wear proper attire while playing their round of golf!

Acceptable Attire:

Shirts/Tops – Men must wear sleeved, collared shirts. Turtleneck and mock turtleneck shirts are acceptable. Ladies’ tops may be sleeveless and/or collarless.

Slacks/Pants – Tailored pants and blue jeans are acceptable for men and ladies.

Shorts – Bermuda, walking, or other tailored shorts are acceptable provided they are mid-thigh in length. Ladies may wear skirts subject to this same length requirement.

Unacceptable Attire:

Sports gear – Sweat pants, track/jogging suits, bathing suits

Slacks/Pants – Pants that have holes in them or are torn 

Shorts – Cut-offs, “short shorts or short skirts”

Shirts/Tops – Tank tops, muscle shirts, cut-off shirts, halter or strapless tops.


Golf Shoes – must be equipped with soft spikes. Metal spikes are not permitted

Athletic Shoes – are acceptable providing they are not “waffle-soled” or have other such soles that may cause damage to the putting surfaces.

Note – Other clothing may be deemed unacceptable by the Chardonnay Golf Club professional staff.

Food & Beverage

All food and beverage items consumed on the premises must be purchased at Chardonnay Golf Club & Vineyards restaurant outlets (Bar & Grill, Beverage Cart or Halfway House). Customers may not bring their own food or beverage items, nor may they bring their own ice chests or coolers. Guests bringing their own coolers will be asked to return them to their vehicle or leave them in the cart storage facility. The club takes no responsibility for loss or damage to such containers or their contents.

Golf Cart Usage

Cart Paths 

  • Golf carts must stay on the paths around all tee and green areas.  

  • In other areas, carts may be driven off the cart paths directly to play your next shot and then returned to the cart path (90° Rule)

  • During periods of inclement weather and at the discretion of the Golf Course Superintendent, golf carts may be required to remain on the cart paths at all times.

Shared Golf Cart – A shared cart is included with the payment of green fees on a complimentary basis

Walking – Walking is permitted, however, the full, posted green fees will be charged.

Operation – Persons driving the golf carts must be licensed to drive an automobile and familiar with the operation of a golf cart.  The "OPERATOR" of the golf cart is responsible for any and all damage to the cart while in their possession.

Children – Children that are not of legal driving age must be accompanied by an adult at all times when occupying a golf cart.

Parking Lots – Due to our insurer’s Conditions of Insurance, customers may not drive golf carts into the parking lots at any time.

Spectators – Non-playing guests may accompany golfers only after registering in the Golf Shop and paying the appropriate “rider” fee.

Other Policies

"Vineyards" – The vineyards adjacent to the golf course are marked as "environmentally sensitive" and played as lateral hazards. The vineyards themselves are private property; players are not allowed to enter these areas to retrieve lost and abandoned balls nor errant shots. 

“Fivesomes” – Fivesomes (or any group of players greater than four) are only allowed with the approval of the Director of Golf (or his designee on-duty.)  Typically, such allowance is only made in the late afternoons and rarely on weekends. Such groups must be able to comply with the club’s pace-of-play policy, or they will be split-up into smaller groups.

“Pace of Play Rating” – Chardonnay's "pace of play" rating is calculated at 4-1/2 hours on average.  Playing earlier in the day, one can anticipate playing in less than that time.  Playing later in the day, especially on busier days, one can expect that their round of golf will be 4-1/2 hours or longer.